Thursday, October 8, 2009


Craig and I surprised our grandkids by showing up with Kindy and Briley for Kya's birthday party in June. They were so excited when they saw us! It was so good to see them and share in the fun!

We all went to "Build a Bear Workshop" so the kids could build their own stuffed animals. It was so fun watching them.

We stayed a few nights with Nate and Kindy before going back up to stay a few nights with Tom and Krista.

Briley getting a ride on the "Massey Swing"!

Back at Krista's

I was assigned to take care of Crew while Craig helped Krista put cages around the tomato plants at the stake farm garden spot where they were able to grow three long rows of veggies. As you can see, Crew didn't last long on my lap, he wanted to help!

Love that precious face!!

Kindy, Nate and Briley came up to go out to dinner with us at Chuck E.Cheese one of the nights we were at Krista's. We all had a lot of fun.

Sweet, sweet grandkids!!

Kya twirling around in the new tutu aunt Chell made her for her birthday.

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Krista said...

So hurry and get that hip better so you can come again! I don't think you can give Dad all the credit for helping at the garden. I recall my crippled little mom hunched over some green bean plants, weeding them. Crazy lady! Thanks for your help. I wish I could have shared some of those G-beans with ya. I had way too many. Still tons in the freezer.