Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Every spring we go as a family to Roosevelt Lake for a little reunion with our kids and grandkids. Salt River Project rents out the houses down by the dam to SPR employees. We get there Wednesday afternoon and stay 'til Sunday. It is tons of fun! There is a rec room and little store where we spend time playing and buying ice cream cones. We rent a pontoon boat one of the days we are there and spend the day out on the lake. The guys fish a lot and we girls visit and do crafts together. This year we went the second weekend in May. Tom and Krista moved to Colorado the first weekend in May, so they weren't able to be with us :( It was still fun, but we sure did miss them. We had a special treat this year though, Lance, Suzy, Barrett and Rosemary and her sweet family all came out and spent a day with us. Come again next year guys!

                                         Briley is ready to go to Roosevelt
                                        We love to cook breakfast outside
                                                Briley enjoys being outside
                        Jeff, Chell, Kort, and Pratt enjoy floating on the lake
                                      Another cute pic of Briley girl!
                                     Pratt, Kort, Kindy, Nate, and Chell
                                                Kort, Kindy and Nate
                                      Uncle Jeff is always loving on a baby
                                "I'm just pooped out from all the fun Grammy"!

                                       OUT ON THE PONTOON BOAT
                                                    Chell and Jeff
                                              Kindy, Nate and Briley
                                                       Pratt and Kort
                                                      Craig and I
                                       Briley helping Papa drive the boat
                                     Kort and Kindy floating by the boat
                                   Briley and Grammy catching some zzzzz's 
                                                    Craig and Nate            
                                                   Sweet little Briley
                      Kort and Pratt enjoying the front porch of the rec room
                                                     Father and Son
                               Kort eating a very large roasted marshmallow
                               Papa, Gammy and Briley out by the fire pit
                                           Suzy and Penelope (Rosie's baby)
                                         Lance and Landon (Rosie's son)
                              Barrett, Rosie, Bradon, Olivia, Landy and Craig
As Lance, Suzy and Barrett were leaving, we went with them to the Indian Ruins up on the side of the mountain by the lake, that was fun too!
                                                 Craig, Jeff and Chell
                        Before we leave each year we usually drive to the other side of the dam for a quick look and some pics 
            There's the back of the dam in the background , behind the lovebirds!!
We had lunch at La Casita before heading home. Craig and I both use to stop here and eat with our families when we were kids on our way to the valley, so we wanted a picture out front!  Memories.....

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We had a surprise birthday party for Mary's 80th birthday at my niece Darbi's restaurant in Pinetop on May 3rd. Her actual birthday is the 26th, but this day worked out best and we didn't want her to suspect anything. Craig, Kindy and I asked her to go out to dinner with us. We took her to Darbi's where several family members were waiting to surprise her. She was totally surprised, she even cried! It was a fun evening together. It was extra special cause Kortney and Pratt were here from Texas and Kindy and Briley were here from Colorado. They had come for our annual trip to Roosevelt Lake and came early enough to come to the party. We were sad that Krista and her family had just left for Colorado, and weren't able to attend. Jeff and Chell came too of course cause they live here.
Robin gives grandma a hug
A hug from Jeff while Craig looks on
 Robin, Michelle holding Briley, Kyle, and Dave
Briley and grandma
Grandma holding Darbi's dog, Kindy, Briley, Kortney, Craig, Jeff and me (Roz)
 Kindy, Grandma, Jeff, and Kortney

Pratt and Briley Trevor, Jill and Walker
Grady, Chris, and Leia
Darbi, Grandma,and Rich
Jess, Autumn, and Logan
Brian and Jenny