Thursday, November 12, 2009


This year Lance, Suzy, Barrett and Suzy's mom Vera, my cousins Joanne, Minnie and Joanne's husband Clark joined us for our 4th of July celebration in Round Valley. Jeff and Chell were our only kids home this year. The rest missed out! We started the day off with the parade. I have no proof we were there cause I forgot to grab my camera on my way out the door. Dang it! 
Craig and I always have a cookout at our house after the parade for anyone who happens to come. It's a fun afternoon, usually topped off by watching fireworks, which we either drive so we can see them closer, or we just watch them from our back deck. Our company didn't stay for the fireworks cause they were staying in time shares over in Pinetop and wanted to get back over there. Sure was fun to have them for the day. Who wants to join us next year?!!

                                                   Joanne, Minnie, Clark and Lance

                                                            Craig likes to grill out
                                                              Need some help dad?!

                                                                   Jeff and Chell
                                                    Joanne, Minnie, Vera and Suzy
                                                                    Suzy and Lance
                                                     Barrett getting a ride on the 4-wheeler
                                                                      Craig and Roz  
                                                            Minnie, Clark and Joanne