Monday, June 15, 2009



The same day Chell and I got back from Texas, Krista and her family moved in with us for a month. They moved in on April 1st and Tom had a job interview in Greeley, Colo. on the 6th. He got the job and started a couple weeks later. Krista and the kids stayed with us until the first weekend in May and then they left to join him. It sure was fun having them here for a month, but not too fun having them leave!! :( I'm grateful Tom was able to get a job, since the bad economy has made it a lot harder. Just wish it could have been closer to home. I absolutely HATE having my family so far from me!! I miss them all so much!

It was so fun having our grandkids living here this Easter!

Crew's first Easter. He is such a doll!

Conor helping Tom make crescent rolls for our Easter dinner
Kya feeding her little brother. How cute!

Krista and I took the kids to the park

Krista and Crew at the park

Uncle Jeff always holds a baby when they are here. A few more months and he'll have one of his own! Yeah!

What a precious face!
Our sweet little Crew liked Grammy's fabric
Kya helped Grammy water the lilac bushes
She also helped Papa clean the 4-wheelers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Pratt had to fly to Tucson the end of March, to do some recruiting for the mine. Kortney had to work and so she was unable to go with him, so Kindy had this great idea that all of us girl's should fly out to stay with Kort. Kindy is all about flying everywhere now cause Nate works at the airport and they fly free! Krista and Tom were packing to move in with us since they had to be out of their house by the 1st of April, so she wasn't able to go with us (we were sad!). Chell and I drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico to catch a plane to Dallas. Kindy was going to be our tour guide and show us where to go to meet up with Kortney, but there was a slight problem. It was snowing so hard in Denver that they couldn't fly out!! So there we were at the DWF airport, not quite sure just what to do. We waited there a long time since Kort couldn't leave to get us until she was off work, then we headed out to try and get to Union Station to meet her. We caught a bus and then another bus took us to a train depot that I thought was Union Station, until I looked up and saw a sign that showed an arrow pointing to Union Station! The train had just pulled away!!
Kort came and rescued us (Thank Heaven's for her GPS, or she may never have found us!). Kindy thought she may be able to fly in the morning, so we got a motel room by the airport and stayed since it takes about 2 1/2 hours to get to Kort's house from there. Kindy and Briley FINALLY got in late the next night because there was a tornado watch in Dallas and they were delayed again!! We stayed another night in our motel and finally got to Kortney's house the next day. It turned out to be a really fun trip though.

Chell standing at the train depot where we should have caught the train!

My Auntie Kort sure was happy to see me!

Grammy and I both had on red, white and blue clothes for church.

Kort took us to a lake where they like to go.

Chell, Kindy, Kort and Rhew.

Mommy and daughter, I love this picture!

Chell and Briley

Our sweet baby!

We went to Louisiana to shop at the Boardwalk.

Thanks Aunt Kort for the fun time, we love you!