Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our two New Year's Surprises!

Pratt and Kortney flew to Denver to spend Christmas with Nate and Kindy and their sweet new baby girl Briley. She was born December 5, 2008. Sounds like they had a fun week together. The day after Christmas, Nate and Kindy took them back to the airport to catch their plane back home and then without us knowing anything about it, they headed our way and surprised us with a visit. I was upstairs on the computer, Tom had gone to play basketball with some guys at the church and Craig, Krista and the kids were in the familyroom. A knock came at the door about 9:oo p.m. Krista jumped up to answer it thinking Tom had been locked out. She opened the door and found a baby in a carseat with a blanket covering her. She recognized the blanket as one Chell had made for Briley and got so excited! She brought her into the house telling us it was Briley, and of course Nate and Kindy came up the steps behind her. They said they wish they would have had their videocam going when Krista came to the door, cause she was so excited! She has waited so long for a neice or nephew to be born on our side of the family and was sad she would have to wait a while to see Briley. We were all so happy they came and stayed until Monday. We called Jeff and Chell to let them know they were here and even though they were already in bed, they didn't waste any time getting here! It was great to have them all here, and the only thing that would have made it better would have been if Pratt and Kortney would have come too.

January 14, 2009 Jeff and Chell dropped by our house with a little gift bag for us. I pulled out this onesy with really good news written on the front of it! We have waited 8 years for this, and we are so EXCITED!! The baby is due September 21. Congrats Jeff and Chell! We love getting more grandbabies!